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With Thanks

Hello, Dante here, Hunter's Dad. I just wanted to take a moment to thank Hunter's Godfather and Uncle, Karl. A few days after Hunter earned his angel wings, Katie, Hunter's Mommy, said she wanted to make a web site, as a tribute to our son, Hunter and the fight against SIDS. Karl set it up for us. He bought the name, and put the site together and put it out on the web. Not looking for a thank you just saddened he could not do more to ease our pain.

Karl, Thank you for all that you have done for us and this site. I love ya bro.

A lot of thanks must go out to our friends and family who helped us during this horrible time. We would like to thank Jerry for giving us a place for our Angel to sleep. To Jack and Marge for being there and for helping with the cost. Cydna, Jayne and all the drivers from Class 1 Bus Company for paying for the catering after the service. Karl & Richelle, Hunter's Godparents, for all your love and support. God knows where we would have been with out you two to lean on. To everyone in the family who made generous donations to the SIDS Foundation and the funds given to us to help us afford what needed to be done. To Poppop and Mommom Filer for all your support and helping with Matthew and Brendan. To everyone else, you know who you are, we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts. Thanks to all the funds that were given to us, along with the help. With all this support we were able to provide Hunter with a beautiful memorial stone.

We Love You all, Katie and Dante.

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